Who Am I?

My name is Alex and I live in Sydney NSW (Australia). I created this site to host a collection of web applications I developed over time. If you are a developer the source code of my projects are also available for download. My contact information is below.

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+61 2 419 445 955
Javaika Please click here to browse my Java web apps with source code.

This website provides examples of Java applications I have written in the past. All applications can be downloaded to your PC via Java Web Start technology. If you are a developer you may be interested in the source code of the software. You can extract the Java archive files and modify the source for your own projects, however, please refer back to my website. I would much appreciate the support :)

Please note that although you can also run the applications as an applet in the web browser, the NPAPI plugin has now been blocked in most browsers. The original Internet Explorer browser still supports NPAPI, however, the Microsoft Edge browser does not.

You can check your Java platform or download the latest Java.
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