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Audio Recorder

❰ This application requires Java to be installed ❱

This online audio recorder allows recording from multiple input sources.


To scan for available recording inputs select 'Search' under the 'Input' menu next to 'File'. If recording from a USB external microphone or line-in cable, attach the device first before scanning. The range of audio inputs that are typically displayed includes stereo mix, internal microphone, external microphone, and line-in. After you select an input you wish to record from, a brief descriptive text will be shown.


The quality of a recording depends on the source material, record format and also the audio drivers installed on your operating system. If recordings are low quality try checking your audio drivers and their individual settings. Some audio drivers can produce a ringing sound in the recording under loud base situations. If this occurs, ensure that the sample rate you have set on the recorder matches the sample rate your audio driver is set to record at. A device you may consider using for windows operating systems is the 'IDT High Definition Audio Codec'. Other audio settings that can be adjusted includes number of channels, bit depth, and record volume.


The recorder has a built in audio recording scheduler that can be set to automatically start and stop recording. A valid web address can be inserted into the program to open up this webpage automatically and record the audio stream from that address. Ensure popup blocker on your web browser is disabled for this feature.

When setting a record start/end time, the drop down menus set as H = 7, M = 25, S = 0 will imply 7:25 AM


The audio file created will be saved to the desktop in WAV format with the name 'Record'. Alternatively you can create a directory on your computer and record to that path. Custom directory saving is available by selecting 'Output Display' under the 'Settings' menu. If a record schedule is set the files saved will be named in sequence as 'Record (1)' - 'Record (n)'.

If the file size exceeds 150 MB, recordings will be split into files named 'Record Chapter (1)' - 'Record Chapter (n)'.


If you have files on your desktop or directory path matching the same name as the files saved by this recorder it is recommended that these files be stored in a separate directory to prevent those files been overwritten.

If a file has been recorded and is located on the desktop with the name 'Record' and is also open in other playback software, the recorder may have trouble saving the file. In that case, close any playback software or rename the file.

We do not store any recorded files from users, this recorder only saves recorded files to your computer.
Audio Recorder
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