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My name is Alex and I live in Sydney NSW (Australia). I created this site to host a collection of web applications I developed over time. If you are a developer the source code of my projects are also available for download. My contact information is below.

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+61 2 419 445 955
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You can easily view or download the source code of projects. This is perfect to help you get started with your own Java projects if you are a Java developer; you can see how a feature is coded and implemented.

Please keep in mind that Google's Chrome browser will no longer be supporting the NPAPI plugin as of April 2015. This means you will need to switch to a different browser to run the Java software on this site.

A Java security dialog may be displayed for applications requesting additional privileges when a program link is selected. If the security dialog is declined by a user the software will not run. For more information on Java security click here

Although we take care to ensure our applications are bug free, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the functionality of software on this site. By using the programs you accept responsibility for unintentional damage/loss incurred to you as a user and have accepted these terms and our privacy policy

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