Who Am I?

My name is Alex and I live in Sydney NSW (Australia). I created this site to host a collection of web applications I developed over time. If you are a developer the source code of my projects are also available for download. My contact information is below.

Email Address:

Phone (International):
+61 2 419 445 955
Java Dialog Security:

When the browser attempts to load a Java applet, various Java security dialogs may be displayed. The type of security dialog presented will vary depending on the users Java security preferences and how the applet is deployed (unsigned, self signed or signed with a trusted certificate).

Blocked Applet Dialog:

This dialog occurs when unsigned or self-signed Java applets attempt to load and the user's Java security settings have blocked the applet.

Block Dialog

Sandboxed Applet Dialog:

This dialog occurs when an unsigned, sandboxed Java applet loads.

Sandbox Dialog

Self-Signed Applet Dialog:

This dialog occurs when a self-signed Java applet attempts to load.

Signed Dialog

Signed Applet Dialog:

This dialog occurs for applets signed with a trusted certificate.

Certificate Dialog