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Venus Factor System

This new weight loss program is focused around research on how the body metabolises fat. If you choose to purchase you will get two PDF documents, one describing the Venus Factor program and the other describing the Venus Factor workout. You will also get access to the Venus Factor website using your login username and password. You can scroll below to read the product review (advantages & disadvantages).
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Venus Factor Background

This weight loss program works by influencing how the female body metabolises fat. John Barban has researched the field of female metabolism in order to transform his overweight sister and in doing so has changed her life forever. There is one master hormone that controls the body's ability to burn fat. High levels of leptin burn fat and low levels of leptin store fat. Diets for woman can cause leptin drops and this slows the metabolism. Resistance to leptin is greater for woman and there are specific foods that are able to increase leptin sensitivity and therefore fat burning potential. The Venus Factor will teach you the exercises and food requirements required to use leptin to your advantage.

Product Review

Included below is a brief review of the product.

‣ Advantages

The Venus Factor system will teach you how to take control of your metabolism. There is a nutritional component included in the system and it is quite enlightening and extensive. Some reviews demonstrate that this nutritional component could have being enough in itself, however, also included are exercise videos to help sculpt the shape of your body. You may also benefit from the online Venus Factor community to provide support and encouragement regarding your weight loss and body sculpting.

‣ Disadvantages

The Venus Factor system is focused on altering you metabolism, changing your habits, and your lifestyle. If you are looking for quick results, this product is definitely not for you; in fact it is usually gimmick weight loss products that make these spurious claims. Real noticeable results with this system will take months and for dramatic results perhaps even a year of hard work and dedication.
Venus Factor System
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