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Paleo Recipe Book

With this recipe book you will find it difficult to get bored considering there are hundreds of recipes for you to try. The Paleo Recipe Book is very comprehensive and includes great photos, quick tips and easy to follow recipes. You can instantly access the book through electronic download if you decide to purchase. If you are not fully satisfied there is a 60-day full money back guarantee. You can scroll below to read the product review (advantages & disadvantages).
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Paleo Background

A Paleo recipe is based on the Paleolithic diet. At the end of the Paleolithic era (approximately 15000 years ago) marking the start of agriculture production, it is argued that human genetics had evolved from this point to be most suitable and compatible towards Paleolithic diets. It is believed that because of this 'evolution compatibility' of the Paleo diet, humans can achieve significant health benefits on this diet compared to others. Traditionally Paleo recipes are free from dairy products, potatoes, grains, refined salt, refined sugar, processed oils and legumes.

Product Review

Included below is a brief review of the product.

‣ Advantages

With 100's of recipes included, you can find solid recipes by category (egg, vegetable, fish, dessert etc.) to save you time researching recipes. There is some focus on dieting with the Paleo Recipe Book; it provides you with the information needed to help you realise dieting goals. The product is instantly accessed electronically and the owners of the product have a full refund policy. You have 60 days to claim a refund if you are unsatisfied by emailing their support service. No question will be asked regarding the refund.

‣ Disadvantages

The Paleo Recipe Book is retailed at $27.00 which is not the cheapest deal compared to a few other recipe books. We agree in accordance with other reviews that the book omits pictures of the final result for some recipes. Furthermore, the recipes contained in the book are quite advanced. If you are new to cooking the dishes may take considerable time to create, however, you may enjoy the challenge of creating the dishes and find the experience quite educational.
Paleo Recipe Book
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