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Affiliate Marketing

On this page you will discover important information that should be known if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer. You can't expect to make millions online overnight with any training product because as always it requires commitment. The key is to act, try another approach and not be discouraged when you are struggling with leads or sales. I will also describe the Google Sniper System by George Brown (a successful affiliate) explaining how it can help you.
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Online business is very different compared to a physical business on the corner of Condamine & Gordon streets. With a physical 'brick and mortar' store, you are almost guaranteed that some percentage of people passing by will stop in and browse your products. The problem is that this is almost NOT guaranteed to occur on the internet unless search engine optimisation (SEO) is done properly or traffic is generated through online or offline paid advertising campaigns. Following is a discussion of the requirements for a profitable campaign.

Profitable Campaigns

Successful online campaigns require three important checks in place and omitting any one of the following three will subject any campaign to failure. These three areas focus on the product itself, traffic quality and product demand. This may appear as common sense; however, it is quite astounding how many newcomers to the world of online marketing do it wrong. Following is an explanation of each key area.

‣ The Product

To sell anything it all starts with a good converting product. Contrary to what others may believe, you need to sell a product that has competition. If a product has competition it is a good sign that it converts well. New products on the market may not necessarily have been tested for their conversion rates. You may consider testing new products on the market to see how they convert. You need to also check for good commission rates (greater than 40%) from the vendor and a high enough selling price.

‣ The Demand

Once you have selected a product to promote, you need to perform some keyword research in order to check if the product has a market. One simple tool available on Google AdWords is the 'Keyword Planner' tool. If you were promoting covers for tablets or the iPad, start by seeing how many people per month enter the keywords 'covers for iPad', 'iPad covers'. This will help you gauge how many potential leads or interested prospects you could drive to the offer. I believe a good product market starts with at least 10,000 targeted keyword searches per month for any product. This research should be done by entering exact match keywords into Google's Keyword Planner.

‣ The Traffic

You need to drive targeted traffic to the offer. With search engine optimisation (SEO) this usually happens automatically because most people that land on your page through this method are already interested in your product. The best thing about SEO is it's free and the money you receive through sales is continuously generated. I do feel however that paid traffic is an excellent source to generate quick traffic to your offer instead of waiting for the traffic through SEO campaigns. You can start by trying some pay per click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords & Bing ads.

George Brown's Google Sniper

The Google Sniper program will teach you the basics of finding a product on ClickBank all the way to setting up your first online campaign. As mentioned it will take time and commitment to see results contrary to what the offer actually claims. Regardless of how much experience you have had with online marketing, the program will guide you every step of the way. The true benefits are that the program will teach you the fundamentals of SEO & marketing including how campaigns & webpage copy should be done. I do personally feel however, that to get faster results you will need to consider PPC advertising as part of your business model.
Google Sniper System
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