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Forex Trendy Scanner

Forex is the abbreviation for foreign exchange and is the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed exchange price on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Forex trading in general is the act of simultaneously buying one currency while selling another, primarily for the purpose of speculation. The goal is for investors to capitalise on the transfer of one currency for another. The Forex Trendy Scanner is equipped to detect the right signals for successful forex trades. You can scroll below to read the product review (advantages & disadvantages).
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Forex Trendy Scanner

The Forex Trendy Scanner comes equipped with Automatic Chart analysis for 34 currency pairs. The software constantly interprets market trends and searches for signals providing a list of strongest performing currencies for a given time period. The interface is user friendly and offers email alerts. Forex Trendy can spot signals ranging over time frames of 30 seconds to 30 days if necessary and no installation of the software is required; it is a fully web based members only platform.

Product Review

Included below is a brief review of the product.

‣ Advantages

If you are new to forex trading, Forex trendy does not require you to read a plethora of material before you can get started with the platform. The software runs online and therefore you are not required to download it onto your computer first. Furthermore, the interface for Forex Trendy is easy to pick up and learn with email alerts sent to keep you constantly updated regarding forex trends.

‣ Disadvantages

A stable internet connection must be present in order to access Forex Trendy and run the software. Also, the software only offers a projected guideline and therefore you are still required to manually enter trades.
Forex Trendy Scanner
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