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Binary Options Trading

Trading Binary Options involves placing bets on whether a given stock will increase or decrease within a specified time frame. It is called 'binary' because there are only two outcomes possible - an increase or decrease in stock price. You can gamble on the stock increasing in value by lodging 'call' or decreasing in value by lodging 'put'. If your bet is correct you are rewarded high returns. Without any binary option signals, you have a 50% chance of losing your bet and this is where Auto Binary Signals may help.
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Auto Binary Signals

Auto Binary Signals is a trading robot created by Roger Pierce designed to help you forecast changes in the market. It provides key binary options signals to dramatically improve the probability of trading success which would inevitably result in higher trade earnings.

Product Review

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‣ Advantages

The Auto Binary Signals platform can be set to autopilot where you set up your trade amounts and the robot begins making intelligent decisions on your behalf. Although the system can trade automatically, you should consider monitoring the winning and losing trades initially to build your confidence in the software. The system is simple to use and requires you to select a broker before setting up your account. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee on offer.

‣ Disadvantages

The sales page appears pushy and quite over promising. You will not make thousands of dollars in a trade unless you are starting out with a strong capital. Furthermore, no trading software is perfect and therefore expecting all trades to be profitable from this system is unrealistic. However, after many trades the number of successful outcomes should eventually supersede the number of losses.
Auto Binary Signals
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