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Online Messaging

❰ This application requires Java to be installed ❱

You can use this online messaging service (for desktops and laptops) to send video/audio messages to friends.

The application size is large (85 MB) and should take approximately 10 minutes to download. Once the application is loaded in memory, future launches should be immediate. You can record audio/video which can be received by one or multiple contacts. Audio and video quality settings can be adjusted for longer allowable record times. A percentage indicator will be visible during recording giving you some indication of how much time you have left for the message. Recordings will automatically terminate if the indicator reaches 100%. The default quality settings are set to very high which allows for approximately 1 minute of recording time. Messages will remain on our server indefinitely until you delete the messages you have recorded. The application also supports video chat within your private network. At this stage the application does not support live video chatting outside your private network.

In order to send/receive messages you need to register and login. To send/receive messages select 'Mode' in the navigation menu and then select 'Messaging'. To receive messages from friends enter their login User ID within the 'Channel ID' field under the 'Messaging' tab.
Online Messaging
» To download application and launch as Java Web Start, click here

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» Please note that this application requires Java to be installed.

» Java must also be enabled to run inside your browser.

» If using Google Chrome launch as Java Web Start.

» For personal computers you can install Java here

(This application is exclusive to Java)
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